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About Tin Foil Hat

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Journeyman comic Sam Tripoli had a handful of podcasts with moderate success. One day he decided to take a gamble and start a podcast about his favorite hobby, conspiracy theories. Initially he started to interview his comedian friends but realised if he wanted to be serious about conspiracies he needed to get more esoteric guest. At that point around episode 40, Tin Foil Hat began to explode and has cemented itself as a top comedy and top conspiracy podcast.

Reasons to love

If you are interested in the esoteric, this is the podcast for you. Tin Foil Hat is the self proclaimed training wheels to conspiracy theories. Sam, along with his co-host XG and Johnny have multiple interviews every week. The topics range from cryptids to politics, spirituality, history and more. Sam’s comedy background makes the show hilarious although you will still definitely learn something new every episode.

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