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About The Fighter and The Kid

The Fighter and The Kid promo codes


Comedian Bryan Callen befriended UFC fighter Brendan Schaub over a decade ago. They quickly developed a rapport and started a podcast together. Together with the help of Fox they started their show in 2013.


Brendan was reaching the end of his fighting career and made a full transition into entertainment. They also parted ways with Fox after a contract dispute and began to produce the podcast themselves (with the help of Chin Su Yi). Today they are one of the top comedy podcasts in the world.

Reasons to love

These boys are frickin silly. They can spend hours just making whimsical banter. That being said that’s not all they do. They have a segment called current events when they also have serious discussions about topics going on in the world.


The cast also includes Chin Su Yi (producer), Cattien Le and Chappelle Lacey (co-hosts). Together the crew riff off each other which makes for some hilarious conversations. They also bring in top tier talent for interviews that are one of a kind.

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