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Full Send Promo Codes


The Nelk Boys was founded by Kyle Forgeard in 2010. Him and some of the boys started filming prank videos. They started gaining popularity and moved to Los Angeles where the group got even bigger.


Nelk is always growing and looking for talent to bring onboard. Members like SteveWillDoIT LLC and Salim The Dream now have there own unique following. They are constantly collabing with other creators to make some of the best content on the internet.

Reasons to love

Kyle, Steve, Salim and the rest of the boys are authentic and love to have a great time. The pranks are hilarious, but a lot of people have been enjoying the vlog type videos as well. 

As they grow their empire and start new brands, people want to be along for the journey. The Full Send clothing brand is legit AF and anyone could easily crush a 12er of Happy Dads. The best part about the Nelk Boys is they give back to their fans and community.

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